Jennifer Fraser, Owner of Paradise Kennels has an Amazing Announcement….. AMERICA’S GOT TALENT !!!

Guess who auditioned on @AGT?! WE DID!  Don’t miss the season premiere on May 26 at 8/7c on @NBC! 

Follow Jennifer and her talented dogs here and support their adventure!



Taxi is running and all dogs that book with us in May get a free upgrade to a suite. Thanks for supporting this small family run business during this time!

Thank you from the bottom of our heart to all who have donated their time and money to ensure Paradise Kennels and their family will get through this terrible time!

Beloved Clients:

Paradise Kennels is in trouble and we desperately need your help! We understand that with the cancellation of flights & travel that many of you have canceled or are thinking about canceling their dogs stay with us. Every single cancellation is one day we can’t get paid and this small family run business not being able to put food on the table. You can imagine how devastating this is to our business and if you want your kennel to continue to be there for you and your dogs after the situation has settled we need your help!

We have never charged or had penalties in place for cancellations nor have we taken deposits for our services as we have always wanted to be flexible for our clients to know they are safe to cancel at any time however, with the amount of cancellations this could be the down fall of your precious kennel and we may have to shut down because of our trusting policies.

Here’s what you can do to help. If you have canceled but still plan on having your dog stay with us at a future date we would very much appreciate a payment from you to be held for your next stay. This could be half of what your booking was originally was or full payment or anything that you think would be a fair amount to ensure your dog kennel will be here when life returns to normal and everyone is taking advantage of all the cheap vacations that are sure to pop up in the future.

We will keep track and ensure that your payment will be used in full at a future time, this will let us continue our services and be there when you return to us. Also if you have a future booking already in place we will gladly accept prepayment for that stay.

Another thing you could do is please, please, please spread the word on how wonderful we are, how well we take care of your beloved dogs. Our free services – Taxi – Off leash walks – Hours of play time – Facebook Videos – Bath and nail clipping etc…

Share, talk, & show the videos of how well we do our job to everyone and anyone you can think of. This may help us fill the gap of the multiple cancellations we are receiving.

Thank you so much for your time and your payment for a future stay.

Help us keep Paradise Kennels running for you and your family but mostly importantly for your wonderful dogs!

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