Accommodations & Prices

Looking at other boarding kennels prices – We have pulled prices from several other competing kennels below.

Doggie Dens

Dogs are den animals, so our Doggie Dens are perfect for your dog. Dogs are naturally more comfortable in their own space when it’s time to settle down at night. The dens make them feel safe and stress free and they are able to curl up & rest quietly after running & playing, without being bothered by other dogs

The dog dens are perfect for dogs who are already kennel trained or have been in the past. Dogs only stay in their kennels at night and during meal times, the rest of the day, about 12-14 hours, is spent running and playing in the play areas with their friends or going on several off-leash walks with swimming in the 5 acre off-leash dog park!

Single Dog: $55 per day
Multiple dogs: $50 per dog/per day (2 or more dogs)

Luxury Dog Suites

Welcome to the height of luxury.

These rooms are built for dogs who require more room to stretch their legs and offer a little more privacy & quiet from the rest of the kennel. Our 7 private rooms are decorated to be reminiscent of home. Each room has a twin or toddler bed, food/water dish and a window, so we can peek in on them from time to time. These rooms are perfect for, older dogs, owners who want to spoil their pups and multiple dog families (2 or more dogs from the same household).

It is as close to home as you can get.

Single Dog: $ 70 per day 
Multiple dogs: $ 65 per dog/per day (2 or more dogs)

See below for images of each of our customized luxury rooms…

Paradise Room

Princess Room

Safari Room

Rustic Room

Serenity Room

Dog Park Room

Sports Room