Diana Burwell reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

Thanks Jennifer for taking such good care of Charlie! We were a bit nervous leaving him in a kennel, but once we went out and saw the facility and met you we knew we made the right choice! We are so happy we found a great place for Charlie to go to when we have to go out of town! He’s already looking forward to his next stay in May!!

Victoria Catherine reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star 

Paradise kennels is like no other place we researched. The staff are wonderful with our dogs and the dogs love going. The last couple times peter and lily were picked up they ran to the Paradise van! Our minds are at ease when the dogs are at “camp”, we love watching the videos on Facebook, and the dogs come home happy (maybe a bit sad to be home) & exhausted. You can’t put a price on that. Jennifer and team are a great addition to our lives!

Lori Kelly reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

In the last couple of months our Bernedoodle, Opie, has been to PK 3 times. He loves it and comes home very happy! The staff are so good with him and we love the fact he runs free and is not confined…. barking his head off all day long. The transportation pick up is absolutely the best and we feel fortunate to have found this kennel where he can run free and swim in the pond with his new-found friends several times a day. It’s really nice to watch the Facebook posts too. Thanks Jennifer

Cathy Pitts Roy reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

Honestly, can’t even remember when our two went anywhere else! Once I get their food ready……Pete parks himself at the window until the van arrives. Both he and Archie absolutely love their time at Paradise Kennels! They come home clean (thank you!), exhausted and content. No anxiety, no reluctance – they are at home at Paradise and that gives us such a sense of comfort, too! Jennifer and the team absolutely know their stuff and it shows. The addition of videos is so much fun and so appreciated. We never even knew Archie was such a water dog. Thank you so much for creating a home away for the boys whenever we jet off to our own adventures. Without you, we wouldn’t enjoy our time away near as much! Pete usually waits at the window for at least 10 minutes after being dropped off – he’s pretty certain you’ll be back for him! Thank you!

Lisa Campbell reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

Our dog Simon absolutely loves this place!! I have very high standards for our dog and was so relieved to find paradise kennels after relocating here to Calgary and having other bad experiences with kennels. Their taxi is a huge convenience and knowing how much exercise he gets is amazing! Simon goes crazy when they come to pick him up so I know how happy he is to return. The Facebook videos are great when I’m away and see how much fun he is having!! Jennifer and her team are the best I’ve ever met!

Heidi Pittman reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

One dog had an injury, the other was having seizures at the time and we were very worried about leaving them. We really appreciated being able to see them so happy when they were out for their walks. Not only did Paradise Kennels provide peace of mind, but they accommodated some special requests and the boys came back very tired (a good thing) and content. Well-run businesses are hard to find these days and you guys did an excellent job. Can’t thank you guys enough!

Krista Ivanov reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

We are very cautious about where we have Randi stay while we are away. We researched many places and wanted to make sure our active dog was well taken care of. We visited Paradise Kennels and liked what we saw. Randi has stayed there a couple of weeks each year for the past four years. She’s happy when the van pulls up to take her to doggie camp. All the staff there do a terrific job — she’s tuckered out when she comes home!

Yvonne Adamski reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

My dog Pippa feels safe here. (In another place she was shaking when going back) At Paradise, Pippa is put into a play group that suits her. She gets lots of space and time to play outside with her new friends during the day. She can go swimming in a pond. At night she has her own space so she can sleep. Pippa will continue coming back.

Anne-Marie Wiedemann reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

We’ve taken our pup Rowdy here twice now, and both times he came home happy, healthy, and tired. We love the video updates – it’s clear he loves it there just from watching him. He also really benefits from all the socialization – his dog manners after coming back have definitely improved. Thank you Paradise for taking such good care of him! It’s a relief knowing he’s in good hands while we’re away.

Lindsey Donovan reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

My boxer, Winston, goes here all the time and loves it – he always comes home and sleeps for a couple days from so much play (and trust me – he is impossible to tire out)! Everytime the van comes to pick him up he gets so excited to go – have tried many daycares and kennels in the past and nothing compares – highly recommended!!!

Chris Powchuk reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

I just got back from vacation and received my two dogs Molly & Max back from Paradise Kennels. I can’t express how happy I am with the great service I received from the staff at Paradise Kennels. My two dogs (both Cocker-Spaniels) came back from their mini-vacation happy and freshly bathed. The best part about Paradise Kennels is the fact that they picked-up and dropped-off the dogs at my house, no other kennel in Alberta offers that kind of service. Jennifer and her staff do a wonderful job at Paradise Kennels and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a safe and well-kept kennel facility.

Lauren Carbert reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

My dog, Sox, just got home from Paradise and was excited to see me for all of 5 minutes (ok, maybe 2). She then spent 10 minutes crying at the front door for them to come back for her before finally giving in to the exhaustion that always results after a stay with them. I can’t say enough good things about Paradise Kennels! Sox comes home clean, happy and exhausted! Thank you!!!

Melanie Yurk reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

Thank you to the team at Paradise Kennels. Bourbon came home from his first trip to a kennel and is happy, tired and barely seemed to notice we had been away. We will recommend your kennel to others and it will be our first choice on any upcoming vacations. Thank you so much for taking excellent care of our dog!

Maria Del Mar Garcia reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

Our dog CAN speak and she told us it was a fabulous experience for her! The videos were a real treat for us, being able to watch her swim and play while away. Thank you kindly. You have gained a loyal customer!

Marguerite Focht reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

Paradise Kennels is an absolutely fabulous place to leave your dog when you travel and you can’t take them with you. They have a fabulous facility that has highly trained staff that allows your dog to have plenty of exercise, fresh air, socialization and playtime.
My dog has stayed at Paradise Kennels periodically over the past few years and each time I pick him up he has come home relaxed and stress free!
Many, many thanks to Jennifer and her staff!!!

Jacqueline Norcross Penn reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

Our dog comes back happy and the activity is great for her. The videos that are posted are great…especially for our kids who miss Mugs when she’s not with them. Very happy with Paradise Kennels.

Tammy Belliveau Ferguson reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

My family were at ease knowing Sam was being kept busy and socialised while we were away. This was his first time away from us since we adopted him almost a year ago. I will definitely recommend Paradise Kennels. Day 3 being home and Sam is still sorting him self being back. He is probably looking for all of his puppy friends

Donna Buchanan reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

Thank you , thank you so much for those fantastic pictures. Makes my heart so happy to see what fun Ted and Maggie are having. It is so good to see them running and playing with their new friends. Posting the pictures is such a good idea. Paradise Kennels is the best place for Ted and Maggie to have a vacation too. It is so nice when we go on a trip to send them to such a great place. I have recommended Paradise many, many times.

Susan Jackson reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

To Jennifer and her team, Jett had an amazing time with his pack. They were a joyous bunch of dogs to watch on your videos. You know when he’s had a great time, when you dropped him off and he watched out the window till you were gone, and he is still waiting for your return. Now he’s stuck with just us, and we are not near as much fun as he had with you and the dogs.

Heather Rycraft reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

It was so wonderful to feel that Conan was in great hands while I was away. And so wonderful to see a video of him running and playing with other dogs! I’m sure he’s wondering why he doesn’t get to go every weekend.
Plus, I love that he came back bathed!

Barb Kosteriva reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

My dogs love to get picked up and play at Paradise Kennels! They love to romp and are so happy and tired when they come home!

Tannis Scheuerman reviewed Paradise Kennels — 5 star

This was our first kennel experience. My son and I visited 2 weeks before our vacation. We both agreed Paradise was a lovely place to leave our dog. We appreciated being able to communicate through email while on vacation and knowing that Baxter was doing well. Thank you! We will visit again I am sure. Tannis Scheuerman