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Complimentary Taxi Services

Free Shuttling For Your Dog


Every booking gets one free pick-up and one free drop-off.

If you require us to return to your home because you have missed your scheduled taxi time or need the taxi to do an extra stop for any supplies either at your home or another location, the cost for any extra taxi stop is $45.

How does the dog taxi service work?

Simply ensure your dates are available on our calendar your pick-up AND drop-off days when submitting your on-line booking. Then congratulations, your dog has a free ride to and from our facility making staying with us that much easier.

Dogs are placed into personal airline approved kennels on non-slip mats in a climate controlled vehicle while they are transported. We can accommodate any location – Friend’s house, work, doggie daycare etc… Just ensure that the information is on your form when you book as we cannot change our taxi route at the last minute! We will also accept garage code, hidden keys, and back yards if you are unable to be home, but only if your dog is friendly and not aggressive or scared.

Times may vary depending on how many dogs are being transported that day.

Taxi times are usually 11am-3pm.  

7 days a week – Unless otherwise started on our calendar.

We will email the exact time our taxi will arrive 2 days before for both pickup and drop-off days.

Sorry, no time requests as we cannot control who else has booked that day or where they are located in the city.

You will receive an email to inform you of your specific pick-up time and there will be an email waiting for you upon your return with your drop-off time. Make sure you respond to these emails to confirm your time so we know you are ready for our driver!

Taxi service is only available to residents of Calgary and east of the city.

Meeting spots in Calgary for those who live outside of our taxi area:

North of Calgary – (Airdrie Clients): Country Hills Toyota – 20 Freeport Landing NE
West of Calgary – (Cochrane Clients): 12 mile Coulee Road Co-Op – 11595 Rockyvalley Dr. N
South of Calgary – (High River/ Okotoks Clients): Auburn bay dog park – 252 Auburn Bay Dr. SE

Punctual owners who are extremely good at reading Google maps are welcome to come out and drop-off or pick-up your dog. E-mail and let us know when you are coming and we will send directions.

Location: we are an exactly as hour east AFTER you leave the city limits.

How Do We Schedule a Taxi?

This is an excellent question as owners wonder why we cannot pick up or drop off at certain times to accommodate their schedule. The first thing we like to point out is that the taxi service is free of charge! We save our clients a 2-3 hour round trip of driving out to Paradise Kennels by picking up and dropping off their beloved pets.

But what if you think that you may not be home during our taxi hours? Simply add your alternative plan when you book with us on line, as we cannot change the taxi route at the last minute! Once we have emailed our clients, the route and times are locked in for that day and we cannot e-mail everyone to change the route because of someone changing plans at the last minute.

There are several ways to make the taxi work for you if times do not work with your schedule.

  • Send us a code for the house or garage or leave a key for us – Dog must be friendly!! I cannot stress this enough because if your dog is scared or aggressive and will harm our driver or themselves we cannot collect your dog and he/she will be left at home!! (In a kennel or a small room works best)
  • Use a doggie daycare – make sure they are aware we will be either dropping off or picking up your dog from their location so we have permission to do so.
  • Have your dog picked up or dropped off at another location – any address will do as long as we know before we send out our schedule for that day.
  • Book an extra day with us if the taxi has room – please check the calendar to see if this option will work for you.
  • Drive out to the kennel – a 2-3 hour round trip depending on where you are coming from in the city.

Any one of these options will work if the taxi time does not work for you. Please feel free to ask us any questions about this wonderful FREE service!

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